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29 Reactions That Perfectly Sum Up Everyone’s Love For Bruno Madrigal (And His Rats) From “Encanto”

Press Release I care very deeply about Bruno Madrigal from Encanto and his rats, thank you very much.

Listen, I think I feel confident saying that Encanto might be my favorite Disney movie in recent years. And yes, I cried while watching it.


I spent Christmas 2021 crying over Spider-Man: No Way Home, then crying over Encanto, and then crying over both.

Not only are all the songs extremely catchy, but the story of Mirabel and her family is so heartwarming that I just want to yell about it from the rooftops.


While every member of the Madrigal family is special in their own way, I’m here today to talk about Bruno, who I literally can’t stop talking about, and I hope he’s having a great day.


Bruno rolls into Encanto with his adorable rats, his dorky personality, and one of the catchiest songs describing him.


That’s all to say that, just like me, everyone on the internet is obsessed with Bruno and can’t get “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” out of their heads. So, here are some of the funniest and most wholesome tweets about our favorite Madrigal:


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Between “Silenzio Bruno!” and “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”… I think it’s safe to assume that someone named Bruno annoyed people at both Pixar and Disney Animation last year! #luca #encanto

11:33 PM – 04 Jan 2022

@DSNYNewscast / Via Twitter: @DSNYNewscast


*wakes up from nice, long sleep*

*slowly gets out of bed*

*opens window*

*looks out at the new day outside*


*takes a deep breath*


02:09 PM – 04 Jan 2022

@KestinTheVoice / Via Twitter: @KestinTheVoice